The Cost-Effective Way to Keep Your IT infrastructure Reliable, Secure, and Up-to-Date

Managed Services from Zettabyte Solutions provides our clients with a higher level of service. With Managed Services, we not only provide innovative products and solutions—we proactively manage them as a full service partner. Zettabyte Solutions will manage the day to day operations of your network and keep it up to date as technology advances and mandates change. We provide new network and equipment with ongoing warranty support, software patch updates, maintenance, repair, and replacement, saving your organization the cost of network upkeep.
Our Managed Services enhance the reliability and security of your current IT infrastructure. We’ll work collaboratively alongside, or via remote support services, to solve any issues and maintain your system. Our experts will coordinate the implementation, hosting, management, and maintenance of your IT platform.

Equipment monitoring is performed 24/7/365, maximizing your company’s network availability, performance, and efficiency. Our upfront network design and implementation ensures the best technology solution for your organization’s computer system’s needs.

Eliminate costly and unexpected capital expenses by converting to an affordable monthly operating expense with our Managed Services.

With Managed Services from Zettabyte Solutions, your network infrastructure management needs are covered by a single provider who lives and works in your community, for superior service and support. We’ll keep it up to date with emerging technology and operating at peak performance. Our Managed Services take care of your internal private network, providing maintenance, equipment upgrades, repair, and replacement.

Key Features

• 24/7/365 monitoring
• Best-in-class technical expertise

• Affordable monthly operating expense model
• Operational task management

• Comprehensive networking support