Most people don’t think “easy” when they hear, “virtualization.” But you can.

Conventional wisdom says small-businesses and startups have to make sacrifices: To suffer agonies of basic e-mail, junk-equipment, and limited disaster recovery because these things are “too expensive” or “too complex” for your start-up or small business. No longer!

No matter what your size or scale, you can simplify virtualization implementation and reduce risk with proven, integrated solutions from Zettabyte Solutions. End-to-end solutions combine the latest generation of VMware and Microsoft virtualization software with flexible, reliable, efficient virtualization infrastructure from Zettabyte Solutions.

Trust Zettabyte Solutions to support your workload requirements and lower your total cost-of-ownership.

• Consolidate and virtualize resources to achieve greater operational efficiency.

• Shrink your hardware footprint and deliver hyper-scale with high-density virtualized solutions.

• Improve data access, security, business continuity and disaster recovery with virtualized storage and state-of-the-art converged fabrics.

• Automate server and storage discovery, configuration, monitoring and updates.

• Accelerate your virtualization process — without sacrificing productivity — with Zettabyte’s extensive portfolio of services.


• 24/7/365 monitoring
• Data Migration
• Disaster Recovery

• High Availability
• Managed Services
• Reduced Costs